Optimizing PPC for B2B Tech Companies

B2B Digital Marketing

Building an effective tech B2B digital marketing strategy is more than just managing your PPC. Bidding on high priced niche keywords is easy (search engines are happy to take your money). However, getting qualified leads at a reasonable CPA is another story. A good digital marketing strategy starts with understanding your customers and then constructing a campaign strategy that is not just built on the volume of traffic, but real conversions. There are many types of digital campaigns that can deliver ROI, but if your digital marketing is not bringing you real sales, it is not successful.

B2B marketing strategy needs to set you apart from competitors

An international B2B software vendor is targeting mid to enterprise companies. The sales goal is the greatest volume of qualified leads at a specific CPA. Although the PPC campaign budget is perfectly adequate to compete in the space, the resulting lead CPA is significantly higher than desired. Also, the PPC leads that are coming in are simply not qualified prospects.

B2B companies face tremendous and ever-changing competition marketing online. Your competitors are smart and relentless about being on top. It is far too easy to spend media dollars inefficiently on unqualified traffic and fail to distinguish your brand offering from your competitors.

Enter PeytonDigital: Bringing qualified companies into your funnel

PeytonDigital was brought in to evaluate the current strategy, campaigns, landing pages, and analytics. It quickly became clear that a bulk of the wasted clicks were outside the company’s target segment and the landing page creative was lacking a provocative call-to-action that would appeal to the desired prospect. PeytonDigital completely reconceived the existing campaign structure based on real keyword research, campaign history, creative, and target company segmentation. In order to prove basic CPA concepts, automated bidding was paused and the budget reduced during the optimization process.

Digital marketing campaign results

Radical campaign optimizations and overall messaging modifications brought CPA down immediately and boosted overall sales with more qualified leads. In addition, PeytonDigital was ultimately able to responsibly saturate spend on Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Bing, while keeping similar segment quality and lead CPA.

Your B2B PPC strategy using PeytonDigital

  • Complete demand generation agency solution
  • Expert analysis of current PPC and social media ad campaigns
  • Optimize funnel campaign strategies (product ads, retargeting, etc)
  • Landing page design and consulting
  • Phone tracking and call center resources
  • Analytics and revenue tracking


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