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It’s a Digital World to Increase Sales!

Prices for digital advertising keep going up and up but overall still the prices are a bargain compared to the costs of running a sales and marketing department prior the Internet.
Now nearly all businesses are digital in some fashion to increase sales. A proven source of leads is using search engine marketing (SEM). SEM is more complex and expensive than one can imagine. Over 90% of internal resources and consulting agencies are most concerned with tuning a campaign, NOT increasing the quality of the leads nor increasing sales. In most cases, most efforts are on CPL tuning and visitors to the website. A visit to a website does not equate to a sale. A digital campaign need be concerned with the whole task at hand, the sale.  Rather this be compared to worrying only about the engine in a car, not the rest of the car and trips the car and passengers travel.

PeytonDigital has a proven ‘cookbook’ and process to increase the volume, price per lead, and quality of digital sales leads.

Yes, there is a difference between SEM and lead generation!

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